This blog is for ADULTS only, if you're under 18 leave now and no one will tell your mamas. I am a 41 yr old woman who is very happily married to a wonderful man. We share a love of porn. This blog is my outlet for some of the filth, he is the other! I am not interested in anything at all to do with the whole incest genre, being someone who was molested I personally find it repulsive. Not into the sissy or cuckold thing, not into potty stuff either. I don't use any kind of chat app only tumblr. Oh, and please don't call me by any kind of pet name. That instantly pisses me off. I also don't make a habit of posting my own pics, my self esteem does not require that sort of attention. Β So, FFS don't be asking me for any and I don't need to be told that I can submit to you. Β I know how to use tumblr and have no desire to submit nudes to anyone. Β But anything else between consenting adults. Giddy up, let's see it. I am happy to talk to my followers, without you all tumblr would be oh so boring. So please do stop by and say hi. Happy Tumbling you filthy fuckers

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